The most beautiful bouquets for birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day.

We are very pleased by the great trust our customers place in us. This makes our work a pleasure.

Field flower bouquets in boho style are our speciality.

We make bespoke bouquets for a variety of occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and proposals. We cooperate with cultural and art institutions. We cater for events, conferences, company meetings or theatre premieres. We are able to perfectly select the species of flowers and their form to suit the circumstances, and we try our best to reflect the nature of the event with a floral composition. We are not afraid of challenges and always approach our work creatively. We are able to bring the most exotic flowers to an individual customer’s order. We accept orders for flowers with delivery.

You decide how much the bouquet should cost.

You tell us how much you want to spend. We will make you a bouquet in your chosen style within this amount.