Eco-design | Green Marketing | Sustainability PR

Eco-design and green marketing are our mission

We help businesses build successful, eco-friendly brands that attract customers and generate positive changes for the environment.

What benefits will you gain by collaborating with us?

Positive company image

Market competitiveness and reaching new target audiences

Credibility and customer trust

Compliance with regulations and stakeholder engagement

Sustainable materials


 We utilize materials sourced from recycling, which help reduce waste and prevent the depletion of natural resources. We also work with eco-friendly materials that are produced with minimal energy consumption and the emission of harmful substances.

Educational materials


We design and create educational materials that effectively promote actions and convey ecological values. Our promotional materials are designed to grab the attention of the audience, encourage them to take action, and provide information about the institution’s activities.

Social campaigns


Our social campaigns aim to raise social awareness about important issues such as environmental protection and sustainable development. We work towards social mobilization, education, and promoting positive patterns and behaviors.

How will eco-design and green marketing services positively impact the growth and credibility of your company?

Conserving limited resources (water, energy, etc.)

Reducing the carbon footprint

Protecting biodiversity

Raising customer awareness about environmental issues

Contributing to improving quality of life and public health

Contributing to global efforts to mitigate climate change

Engage in cooperation

Support an ecological initiative and become an initiator of positive changes.


Exceptional partners

We are proud of our past achievements and are constantly striving to enhance our skills and expand our network of collaborations.

We collaborate with institutions related to culture and art, and we have created green spaces for Hydropolis, Mercedes-Benz, Hala Stulecia, Puro Hotels, Zamek Książ, the authorities of Wrocław, Kraków, Częstochowa, the Botanical Garden, and many others. We co-create the urban sanatorium “Żyjnia” together with BWA Wrocław and We organize educational campaigns, workshops, and courses. Our works have been featured in the press and on TV.


Kinga Preis + a dose of ecological knowledge

Creating an ecological rock garden in your backyard is a great opportunity for learning. It allows for practical experience with plant placement, their interactions with the environment, and their impact on ecosystems. The rock garden becomes a habitat for many small species, often protected animals. Additionally, the planting of vegetation has a positive effect on water retention.

Selected projects