Social Green Projects

We make free projects for local communities

Together with a group of friends from Poland, we founded an association that is committed to mitigating the effects of climate change in cities. Our key activities based on our daily work with the local community show an emergency need of change in green policy within the city. We try to involve local community to create more conscious environment that include wider perspective of modern urban design and highlight a need of green areas.
Our mission is to show how big the problem of climate crisis is and to reach as many people as possible. We try to promote the idea of green cities, we propose to develop concreted or empty places with plants. We do social projects that show how urban spaces can look like after a plant metamorphosis.

Mainly we focus to work with both: local communities as well as individuals and local authorities. We try to reach as many people as possible throughout our social media channels in order to promote green cities idea.

Sustainable cities

We have become friends and ambassadors of the European Commission’s programme, the New European Bauhaus. We promote actions implemented in EU cities as part of climate change adaptation. Our projects have gained notoriety in the Polish media. Our work has appeared in the press and social media. We cooperate with cultural institutions.

Climate crisis and giving back greenery to city

We design and arrange forgotten urban spaces and promote green cities ideas. Our main goal is climate crisis education and creation of education center to promote enviromental values. On a daily basis we prepare visualizations and projects that can realistically affect our local enviroment. We are actually changing the space around us by regulating the green areas of Polish cities. We influence local communities in their pro-ecological activities and habits. We share our knowledge in green design area to enagage both citizens and authorities.

We implement the green social projects. These are free visuals in which we show what a city can look like without concrete. The association is open to residents, companies and social institutions that want to change specific parts of the city. We prepare free green and blue-green infrastructure projects.

We are greening the streets again

Thanks to our activities in Wrocław, concrete places have become green. We have a real impact on the transformation of cities towards climate neutrality. We engage citizens, private investors and other associations to create more friendly and green areas that will prevent the growing climate crisis..

We are changing city spaces.

If you need help, want to green your city:

Oławski Park project
Zielona Ławeczka – initiative of the Śródodrze association

We care about sustainable development