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Check out our unique strategy of corporate collaboration and support for communities and environmental initiatives.

How does it work?


City residents have the opportunity to submit their own ecological initiative, which could include greening the surroundings, an environmental campaign, or climate education.


We present the projects to companies that are interested in supporting green development initiatives in the city or promoting ecological education. These companies have the opportunity to declare financial support.


Our team of designers prepares an initial project (sketch) taking into account the preferences and needs of the applicants. This project is provided free of charge.


We develop comprehensive visualizations and designs that serve as the basis for further actions.


We promote the projects in collaboration with our partners through local media, social media platforms, and local events. We inform residents about the benefits of greening the city and engage them in active participation in environmental initiatives. As part of the project, we also conduct educational campaigns to increase environmental awareness.


In exchange for financial support, your company becomes the main partner of the project and an initiator of positive change. As a partner, your company has the opportunity to promote its brand as being committed to sustainable urban development and has an impact on positive changes in the environment.

What are the benefits?

Builds a positive company image

Helping local communitie

You gain access to new markets and customers

Your company becomes competitive

Raising environmental awareness

Contributes to the protection of the natural environment

We carry out so-called social projects. We educate residents about the benefits of greening their spaces and incorporating eco-friendly practices into their daily lives.

Our work focuses on collaboration with local communities, businesses, individuals, and authorities. Through our social campaigns, we strive to reach as many people as possible to promote the idea of green cities.

We create visualizations and develop projects that inspire action and change. We share our knowledge of green design to engage both citizens and authorities in creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly cities. We support local communities, inspire action, and involve them in the decision-making process regarding the development of green spaces in urban areas.

Our projects and initiatives attract attention and interest

"Polish experts from the Mossmoss team came up with a surprising idea."

We were noticed



Polskie Radio

"Time for a climate discussion."


Gazeta Wrocławska

"They've had enough of concrete."


"They've greened the concrete in Wrocław, now they've taken on the Louvre in Paris."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

Tubądzin Design Community

"Climate changes implemented in architectural space."


"Poles want to green the St. Peter's Square. It would be a relief for tourists."



"Concrete jungle? Heat islands in Wrocław can be green!"


Architektura & Biznes

"How Mossmoss awakened the need for greenery in the people of Wrocław"


"How greenery could transform Wrocław"


New Polish Design

"Art in the colors of green"


"Polish people have created a new project for St. Peter's Square in Rome. The reason is very important."


Property Design

"First St. Peter's Square, now the Louvre. Poles propose greening the iconic square with the pyramid."



"Flowers on walls, furniture, and in pots."


TVN Style


Synergy of action

Promote changes in business practices, empowering local communities, and inspiring others to take action for environmental protection.


Greenery at the Market Square in Wrocław

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