Climate Change Center


Together with a group of friends, we are involved in campaigns to address the effects of climate change in Polish cities. Our mission is to show how huge the climate crisis is We have been trying to take an active part in the greening of cities for a long time. We prepare social projects that show how simple it is to change the cities we live in.

We want to create a unique space

Our aim is to create a unique space on the map of Poland that attracts people by becoming a place of ecological education and recreation – the Climate Change Centre.
The Centre will be an example of innovative not only in the country, but also in the world, thinking about the climate. The place will combine ecological education with a modern form of multimedia presentation.

Climate Crisis Center

The Climate Change Centre’s priority will be to tackle climate catastrophe through education and advocacy for sustainable development. We want to use technology and the latest interactive solutions to show how dangerous climate change is and how much it affects human life. Through modern education we will be able to teach the new generation how to mitigate and adapt to climate change. It will provide a space for people and ideas to build and develop environmental awareness, a meeting place for those for whom the future of the world is important.

The second life of architecture

We want the Climate Change Centre to be located in a revitalised post-industrial building. We want to bring an abandoned and degraded part of the city back to life. In this way, we will beautify the space and complement it with new functions. We want to bring about changes in the area of a part of the city that will make it better to live, stay, work and relax. Working with people, with the local community, will also be very important in the project.

Our Centre will naturally function by connecting people and opening up new opportunities for them to interact with the natural environment. The exhibition will be aimed at people of all ages. We want to orient adults to the correct way of thinking about ecology and environmental action. Point out the needs and the mistakes made in caring for the environment.

Choose one of the thematic zones

In our Climate Change Centre, we envisage thematic zones and periodic temporary exhibitions. It is a place where nature and modernity go hand in hand, where multimedia, interactive exhibitions and technology intertwine with the natural world.

Climate Crisis Center

In one of the zones, visitors will be able to see for themselves the impact of climate change on our lives. A multimedia exhibition will show the effects of change, such as rising global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, rising sea levels, fires and droughts.

The relaxation zone aims to create a space where you will catch a fresh breath thanks to the numerous plants, while the sound of water and the sounds of the forest will help you to relax and meditate. It will be a place where you can take refuge from the urban heat during the summer and breathe in the clean air in the winter.

The city zone, on the other hand, is intended to demonstrate just how much of a threat it is to rid cities of greenery. We will point out the dangers posed by the sealed concreting of cities. Through an interactive presentation, you will be able to feel the temperature differences between a green city and a concrete one.

Another space is the Sustainable Garden Zone. Created for artistic activities and meetings. Through biodiversity, the garden will create the best possible conditions for different plant species and animals to thrive.

We also envisage the creation of an educational play area for children and young people.

Our climate work