The mossmoss design studio. We act for the climate.

“The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative” has recognized the efforts of our Climate Change Center in promoting urban greenery and environmental education.


We are honored to receive this recognition and remain committed to our mission of creating sustainable and livable communities that prioritize environmental responsibility.

We promote activities implemented by EU cities as part of adaptation to climate change. We have a real impact on the transformation of cities towards climate neutrality. We engage residents, private investors, associations and city councils to create more friendly and green areas that will prevent the growing climate crisis.

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We create
the Climate Change Center


Sustainable design

Our company is committed to creating green spaces in urban areas and workplaces as well as offering sustainable development training, courses and education. For the purpose of halting climate change and enhancing both human and environmental well-being, we think it is crucial to build more livable and sustainable communities.

We seek to provide people and organisations with the information and skills they need to make more sustainable decisions in their day-to-day activities through our courses and training programmes.

We cooperate
with the
New European Bauhaus


We care about ecology and sustainability.
We are creating a Climate Crisis Centre.

Our team of experienced designers in developing green spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and ecologically responsible. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals, and to create customized solutions that meet those needs while also promoting sustainability.

We take a holistic approach to our work, considering factors such as soil health, water conservation, and biodiversity in our designs. Whether we are creating a small urban garden, a public park, or a corporate green space, we prioritize sustainable practices such as composting, using native plants, and reducing chemical inputs.

We create plant compositions for the best.

Our cooperation with institutions related to culture and art, we have created green space for Hydropolis, Mercedes-Benz, Centennial Hall, Puro Hotels, Książ Castle, the city authorities of Wrocław, Kraków, Częstochowa, the Botanical Garden and many others. We co-create, together with BWA Wrocław and, the Wroclaw city sanatorium Zyjnia. We organise workshops and courses on plants. Our works have appeared in the press and on television.

We design green spaces in cities.